Getting ISC DHCP to respond with pxe information, but not with lease

Mike Lovell toelovell at
Mon Dec 3 20:50:43 MST 2007

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Does anyone know of any way to configure ISC dhcpd to respond to dhcp
> requests with pxe information only, and not the lease?  Apparently the
> RFCs allow for one server to respond with the lease information, and
> another server entirely to respond with pxe information.  In the case
> here, another server is already happily serving up dhcp leases.  We just
> need to have this server respond with pxe informations.  I know this
> works because this is the technique altirus uses for their imaging products.
> Any help with this would be appreciated!
> Michael
IIRC, this isn't really a function of the DHCP server but of the 
switches and routers in the middle. From my limited knowledge from the 
Harold B Lee Library system, Altirus has a regular DHCP server in it 
serving up requests. The switches and routers in the middle actually get 
a lease from the campus DHCP server and tag on the extra information 
from a lease from the Altirus server. I can't remember what the function 
in the switches was. My recommendation to check and see if this is the 
case would be Dan Wells in OIT or Jonathan Mecham in the Library. I 
might be completely off here though. I didn't really build that system.

Mike Lovell

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