Getting ISC DHCP to respond with pxe information, but not with lease

Steven Alligood steve at
Mon Dec 3 12:13:04 MST 2007

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Does anyone know of any way to configure ISC dhcpd to respond to dhcp
> requests with pxe information only, and not the lease?  Apparently the
> RFCs allow for one server to respond with the lease information, and
> another server entirely to respond with pxe information.  In the case
> here, another server is already happily serving up dhcp leases.  We just
> need to have this server respond with pxe informations.  I know this
> works because this is the technique altirus uses for their imaging products.
> Any help with this would be appreciated!
> Michael
Theoretically, it could do it during the discover and offer stages, but 
not during the request and ack stages, since the first two use broadcast 
while the second two use the siaddr to directly send the packets.

As for stock dhcpd, I don't think it will even respond to the discovery 
if it doesn't have a range to use in the offer.  You could try it 
without a range, possibly as a shared-network with a pool statement with 
no ranges.  Again, I have never tried, but I don't think it will work 
without at least something that dhcp can send as the IP.  Perhaps as the offered IP?

If you get it to work, let the list know.  It would certainly be 

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