Mail re-filterer

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Aug 28 13:46:29 MDT 2007

Von Fugal wrote:
> Sorry, it is like a virtual filesystem and I was going to mention that
> and forgot. But it's also very different from such. It could exist on
> any filesystem that had the ability to appropriately flag it. Thus you
> could create the file easily anywhere with something like:
> ln -e 'grepmail .....' mbox
> Or not ln, maybe another whole new command. I like the thought of it
> being some kind of link, though. You can do this very thing with FUSE
> and the like, but the barrier to getting that all up for one file is
> prohibitive, to say the least.

FWIW, the FUSE Python API is surprisingly easy and a great way to
prototype an idea for a filesystem.

You could build a kernel module that does the same thing with minimal
dependencies, but you should prototype the idea first.  I imagine access
control in particular will need several revisions to get right.


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