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Tue Aug 28 12:04:13 MDT 2007

* Levi Pearson [Tue, 28 Aug 2007 at 10:16 -0600]
> Von Fugal <fuglv at> writes:
> > You've all got it wrong. This is something I've brought up once before,
> > and someone said 'hurd'. Well, sorry, hurd is immature. Anyway, it would
> > be a kernel level thing. You know how a symlink is just a file with a
> > path in it, and a special flag that says 'follow'. Well, these things
> > I'm talking about would just be a file containing a _command_ with a
> > special flag that says 'execute and give the output'. So you have a file
> > with contents thus:
> > grepmail --date-in-the-last-month # i made this up, haven't looked yet
> >
> > This file would be flagged exemutable (or whatever you call it) and
> > named ~/Mail/recent
> Um, that sounds a whole lot like the first of the two ideas I listed.
> It doesn't have to be a kernel thing, either; you could either do a
> userspace virtual filesystem or use FUSE to run your filesystem code
> in userspace.  It does sound interesting, though.  Make it happen!

Sorry, it is like a virtual filesystem and I was going to mention that
and forgot. But it's also very different from such. It could exist on
any filesystem that had the ability to appropriately flag it. Thus you
could create the file easily anywhere with something like:
ln -e 'grepmail .....' mbox

Or not ln, maybe another whole new command. I like the thought of it
being some kind of link, though. You can do this very thing with FUSE
and the like, but the barrier to getting that all up for one file is
prohibitive, to say the least.

I would love to make it happen, alas school is right around the corner.
Maybe if I had a mentor that knows kernel stuff I might make some time.

Von Fugal
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