Mail re-filterer

Levi Pearson levi at
Tue Aug 28 10:16:34 MDT 2007

Von Fugal <fuglv at> writes:

> You've all got it wrong. This is something I've brought up once before,
> and someone said 'hurd'. Well, sorry, hurd is immature. Anyway, it would
> be a kernel level thing. You know how a symlink is just a file with a
> path in it, and a special flag that says 'follow'. Well, these things
> I'm talking about would just be a file containing a _command_ with a
> special flag that says 'execute and give the output'. So you have a file
> with contents thus:
> grepmail --date-in-the-last-month # i made this up, haven't looked yet
> This file would be flagged exemutable (or whatever you call it) and
> named ~/Mail/recent

Um, that sounds a whole lot like the first of the two ideas I listed.
It doesn't have to be a kernel thing, either; you could either do a
userspace virtual filesystem or use FUSE to run your filesystem code
in userspace.  It does sound interesting, though.  Make it happen!


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