Mail re-filterer

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Tue Aug 28 07:54:41 MDT 2007

On 27 Aug 2007, at 12:45, Hans Fugal wrote:

> There must be a program out there that does this, but I'm having a  
> hard
> time finding anything appropriate.
> I want to filter a local mailbox (mbox or maildir would be fine) and
> spit out mbox on stdout, with only the messages that match some  
> filter.
> An example might be, only messages more recent than 24 hours ago.
> Can procmail be wrangled into this sort of bulk processing? Is  
> there something
> else out there to do this? It seems like an immensely helpful thing to
> have.

Perhaps the previous answer of grepmail will do it all for you, but I  
wanted to mention a little program I have used for different mail  
reprocessing things.  It is "formail".  (Not to be confused with  


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