Failover dhcp server

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Mon Aug 27 21:41:34 MDT 2007

Michael L Torrie wrote:
> Steven Alligood wrote:
>> I haven't setup on in failover in a couple of years, but if you follow 
>> the man pages, etc, it should work fairly well.  Check out the mail 
>> archives on to see similar issues other dhcpd folks have had.
> I'll definitely do that.  I'll report on what I find.

I got it all working.  I followed the instructions in the link I
previously posted and now have dhcp failing over quite nicely.  To get
it working, though, you have to bring up both the master and slave
together.  You can't bring it all up in "degraded mode."  But once they
have communicated with each other to share the pools of IP addresses,
one can indeed go down and the other steps in and takes over.  Just a
caveat for anyone that tries it in the future.


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