Mail re-filterer

Michael L Torrie torriem at
Mon Aug 27 21:38:38 MDT 2007

Levi Pearson wrote:
> I'm still not entirely sure what you mean.  Here are some
> possibilities based on my fuzzy understanding of what you're asking
> for:

I believe he's asking for either a VFS or IMAP server implementation
that allows virtual imap folders to come into existence just by asking
for them.  For example one could subscribe to the folder
"vf-date-gt-2007-10" and the server or vfs layer would parse that into a
query aand do magic filtering, giving you an imap folder with messages
that meet that criteria.

It's an awesome idea, and puts the abstraction down at the lower levels
where it belongs.

There would be significant hurdles to this kind of abstraction though,
but nothing impossible.  In fact, with Python and Twisted, one could
probably implement a basic prototype in a weekend, after of course
spending 5 months trying to understand Twisted...


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