Mail re-filterer

Levi Pearson levi at
Mon Aug 27 19:20:31 MDT 2007

Von Fugal <fuglv at> writes:

> Now just need an executable file (no, not a file that is executable, and
> executable that is a file). Have your 'inbox' be one such file, where
> the executable is grepmail with your favorite options on the 'real'
> inbox. wow, the joy that would bring. What should such files be called?
> And who will campain with me for thier realization?
> In case ya'll are confused what I'm talking about, imagine it's like a
> dynamic webpage. You GET and it
> gives you the top search results. Well, the same with these magic files.
> You OPEN /home/vontrapp/Mail/dynamic-inbox and it gives you... A dynamic
> filtered subset of your real inbox.

I'm still not entirely sure what you mean.  Here are some
possibilities based on my fuzzy understanding of what you're asking

A virtual filesystem that provides a file-based api for dynamic
mailboxes, each of which is defined via a file that defines the search
criteria for its associated mailbox.  The virtual mailbox files would
look to a mail client just like mbox, or Maildir, or however you
configured it.

A program that, given a real mailbox and a search, creates a named
pipe or some other such filesystem object that can be read from by a
standard mail program in a standard format.

Are these close to what you were thinking of?  I think it's actually a
pretty nifty idea, and very much in keeping with the Unix spirit.


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