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Thu Aug 23 19:26:06 MDT 2007

* Andrew Jorgensen [Thu, 16 Aug 2007 at 14:44 -0600]
> Recent discussions have me thinking about something HR and management
> have both told me on occasion.  They say that it's good to have a
> salary that's lower in the range for your position because it means
> they can give you bigger raises - there's more room to grow.  The
> corollary is that it's bad to have a salary near the top of the range.

One possibility came to mind, though I don't see how it would help HR.
That is, when you have consistent and large raises, it looks really good
on a resume. But that only makes it easier for you to leave the company.
But then, hey, maybe HR is planning on that, so they can hire the next
guy at the bottom of the bracket. After all, (0..10).map {|x| bottom +
(top - bottom) * x / 10}.sum is, in fact, less than top * 10. (which is
also why _you_ should take the top of the bracket in the first place,
unless you're looking to change jobs after you get all those resume
boosting raises)

Von Fugal
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