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Thu Aug 23 11:50:29 MDT 2007

> Your missing the point, as are a lot of people here. I think that
> blocking torrent/p2p IS wrong. Why?!

I think it's wrong, also.  But for some additional reasons.

I think they suck because they change their terms without even notifying
me.  That's lousy customer service.  Immoral, illegal, unethical?  Maybe,
maybe not.  A PITA for me?  Definitely.

But I don't have a land line at home, just VOIP.  So my pain threshold
hasn't been reached to yank comcast and go back to dialup or wireless.

Philosophically I think the Internet beat out CompuServe, The Source,
AOL's proprietary service and others because it is an open, user-driven
network.  As soon as it becomes a closed network where only the big
companies decide what protocols and servers are allowed, we might as well
be using Prodigy or AOL again.

So I'll vote with my wallet when it's convenient (hurry up UTOPIA).  I
don't see it as a morality/legality issue.  I'm not as religious about
these things in general as RMS.


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