Hit and Run

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Thu Aug 23 10:43:29 MDT 2007

+++ Von Fugal [23/08/07 10:38 -0600]:
> I'm probably firmly establishing my guilt here as a hated utah driver.
> At the same time, I really don't understand, it's not the aggresive
> drivers I find so baneful of Utah, it's the drivers that get in your
> way, don't signal, take that right turn really slow right from the
> middle of the lane, take forever to get into the turn lane as they slow
> down, block the fast lane as if on a mission from God to make others
> obey the speed limit, etc, etc...

I feel the same way. Really, it boils down to prevailing culture here. When
I lived in California, even though CA has a sort of 'laid-back' mentality,
not uptight and pressured as they are in the east coast, when you get behind
the wheel you know you better get in, get up to speed and then get over,
signal and get outta the way, else you'll get crushed. Here, there are so
many distracted and rather uncaring drivers, that you'll always find the
pokies just ambling along, never getting MOVING. 

Left lane squatters? That's my dad. Why can everyone stay in the right lane
or stay right, signal, pass and then move back to the right? It's beyond
logic, how so many drive. 


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