[OT] Hit and Run

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Aug 23 10:42:40 MDT 2007

Joseph Hall wrote:
> On 8/23/07, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at utahpython.org> wrote:
>> FWIW, none of the people from the East coast with whom I have
>> discussed driving and traffic thought Utah was worse than their home
>> state.
> I'm in Boston right now, actually. I've only been here a few days, but
> I'm amazed every day at how much better Boston drivers are than Utah
> drivers. I also used to live about an hour north of Boston, and I
> ended up meeting a surprising amount of Utahns there, as well as an
> inordinate number of locals who had driven in Utah in the past. Not a
> single one of them that I spoke with on the subject had anything good
> to say about Utah drivers. Several of them noted how much more they
> enjoy driving in New England than in Utah.

IMHO it depends on the time you drive.  Rush-hour traffic in Utah is
easier to get along with because at that time, nearly everyone is so
predictable it's like a machine, albeit a fairly slow machine.  Driving
at other times seems to be more dangerous because the racing enthusiasts
zipping past the poky drivers cause an increase in entropy.

In most of the other big cities I've driven, it seems to be rush hour
*all the time*, interspersed with temporary conversions of large
freeways to parking lots.  LA and DC especially.  Perhaps the incredible
volume forces some humility on the drivers.


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