[OT] Hit and Run

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Aug 23 10:26:45 MDT 2007

Von Fugal wrote:
> This is soo true. I also love playing that game, except it's not really
> a game, it's called driving. IOW engaging your mind in the task of not
> just steering your vehicle, but also making decisions on how to steer it
> based on conditions around you, and those conditions include other
> vehicles, what they are doing, their state of mind. Now I will make a
> confession. I am an extremely aggressive driver. But I am very mindful
> to be so in as safe a manner as possible. I put a great amount of
> concentration into whatever it is I'm about to do, possible outcomes if
> the cars around me do what I predict they will, or outcomes if the cars
> do unimaginably stupid things.

That sounds excellent, except for the sentence "I am an extremely
aggressive driver". ;-)  OTOH, you didn't say what an aggressive driver
does.  If you mean tailgating NASCAR-style, that's obviously stupid and
dangerous yet all too common.  But if you mean holding back and then
finding an opportunity to pass several slow cars all at once, that's
what I like to do too.


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