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Thu Aug 23 10:11:48 MDT 2007

This is really cool.  It has been a very long time since I have 
encountered someone who is still passionate about how the world SHOULD work.

I am glad there are still some technophiles out there with this 
passion.  Please do hold onto it, and don't let the world make you into 
what the rest of us have had to become.


Von Fugal wrote:
> Your missing the point, as are a lot of people here. I think that
> blocking torrent/p2p IS wrong. Why?! Because Comcast _is_ providing the
> customer a service, and that service is _internet_. Not just http, not
> just whatever Comcast deems is most profitable to them. I could care
> less if Comcast came out and said "we are offering http only, with
> minimal allowance for any other protocol you might need on the side" or
> if they said "we offer internet access sans torrents/p2p". But that's
> exactly _not_ what they offer. If the bandwidth thing is really a
> problem then they need to deal with it as a bandwidth thing. If 100
> customers purchase "unlimited" access from comcast, and they all use an
> "unlimited" amount, and comcast simply can't handle that, then that's
> totally wrong. Comcast should be able to back up what they sell. They
> could figure out what it is they could realistically provide, offer just
> that, and let people go into it knowing what they will get. This is
> totally feasible. Say Comcast says they can offer speeds up to X and
> that the usage cap is Y, so you can get download speeds of X as long as
> you don't exceed Y/day or Y/month. Then, the torrent user can look at
> that and say, "gee, I need a lot more than that" and get a different
> service, or an upgraded one with Comcast. It's not about what comcast
> can do with their business. It's about what they say they will do and
> then don't do it. They're LYING, plain and simple and it is wrong. The
> truth is they probably can't compete on offering what they actually have
> to offer, so the offer the world to everyone, then silence those (on the
> network) that actually take what's offered. It's shady and dishonest,
> and should definately stop.
> Von Fugal

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