Failover dhcp server

Steven Alligood steve at
Thu Aug 23 10:06:10 MDT 2007

I haven't setup on in failover in a couple of years, but if you follow 
the man pages, etc, it should work fairly well.  Check out the mail 
archives on to see similar issues other dhcpd folks have had.

As for the cisco config, each ip helper entry can only have one IP, but 
you can have multiple ip helper lines in the config and they won't 
replace each other.  To get rid of one, you have to do a 'no' of the 
entire line.


twitchej at wrote:
>> Hopefully this won't get lost in all the noise on the list.
>> Has anyone successfully set up two ISC dhcp servers in failover
>> configuration?  I'm trying to follow the guide at
>> but I'm not having any
>> success.  Bringing up the primary dhcp server doesn't properly see that
>> the secondary isn't running yet, and so dhcp requests just get 
>> unanswered.
>> My second problem is more of a Cisco one.  How can I specify two dhcp
>> server in the vlan configuration?  ip helper address only lets you set a
>> single IP address, which seems kind of odd to me.
>> Michael

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