[OT] Hit and Run

Jeremy Hansen atticusser at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 09:16:36 MDT 2007

> In my view, the problem isn't usually incompetence, it's just a mismatch
> of driving styles.

Yes, that's exactly the point I was trying to make. What is often labeled
incompetence is most often just the mismatch of styles that you mention.

I noticed this especially in DC, since DC has the combined traffic of
> several states.  Maryland drivers behaved a little differently from
> Virginia drivers, and when they came together, mayhem ensued.

I'm glad you had the same experience as me in DC. Well, maybe not glad, but
at least it confirms my point. What was really crazy was driving from rural
Virginia to DC. outside the metro area, the traffic runs at a pace just
slightly quicker than horse and buggy. But as you approach the district, it
gets much faster and more unpredictable. Luckily, taking the Metro proved to
be the somewhat less insane.

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