Steven Alligood steve at
Wed Aug 22 13:31:21 MDT 2007

Chad wrote:
> Aren't we all Linux (or at least *nix) geeks to some degree here?
> Don't we control our thermostats, water, and electricity (or at least
> the devices connected to it) over the 'net using MisterHouse?  Won't
> my dog die if my Internet loses connectivity while I'm vacationing in
> the Bahama's and I can't connect via my Nokia 770?
> I guess I could trek it across the islands to a land line, call the
> local fire department (hopefully Directory Services are available to
> lookup the number) and have them break into my home to make the
> adjustment for me...

lol.  In this scenario, I don't think the Internet is your real problem.
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