Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed Aug 22 13:18:11 MDT 2007

On 22 Aug 2007, at 13:10, Chad wrote:

> Aren't we all Linux (or at least *nix) geeks to some degree here?
> Don't we control our thermostats, water, and electricity (or at least
> the devices connected to it) over the 'net using MisterHouse?  Won't
> my dog die if my Internet loses connectivity while I'm vacationing in
> the Bahama's and I can't connect via my Nokia 770?
> I guess I could trek it across the islands to a land line, call the
> local fire department (hopefully Directory Services are available to
> lookup the number) and have them break into my home to make the
> adjustment for me...

The fact that every one of us here are Borg wannabe's with serious  
cases of technology fetish does not negate our ability to think  
logically and realize that if all our technology suddenly disappeared  
we would still be able to survive as human beings.  We would, of  
course be out of our jobs, but that point would be mute if we had no  
technology.  Although I would still probably be thinking about how I  
could use a RegEx to get more tomato plants to grow in my backyard in  
a more efficient manner.


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