Chad masterclc at
Wed Aug 22 13:10:35 MDT 2007

> > When was the last time someone died because their internet went out
> > for a few weeks because of  a storm?  Do they have to seek temporary
> > shelter when they can't blog about Paris HIlton like they do when they
> > can't heat their home in the dead of winter?
> No, he would have won it if he had said it the way you did.  He really
> can use an oil lamp for light -- but yeah, people die when the power
> goes out in summer or winter.

Aren't we all Linux (or at least *nix) geeks to some degree here?
Don't we control our thermostats, water, and electricity (or at least
the devices connected to it) over the 'net using MisterHouse?  Won't
my dog die if my Internet loses connectivity while I'm vacationing in
the Bahama's and I can't connect via my Nokia 770?

I guess I could trek it across the islands to a land line, call the
local fire department (hopefully Directory Services are available to
lookup the number) and have them break into my home to make the
adjustment for me...



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