Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Wed Aug 22 12:36:55 MDT 2007

I'm pretty sure I don't need an Internet connection at home.  I rarely
use it because my company has a usage policy that allows "incidental
personal use" or something like that and I can get my own business
(banking, plug, etc.) done during lunch or after hours before going

Also, I don't need my own connection 'cause I can borrow any of the
dozen or so open wireless access points in my neighborhood. :-)

All joking aside I really don't think that HOME Internet access is
anything more than a convenience for most people.  Access is generally
available at your local library if your company has a stricter usage
policy than mine.

The Internet itself, and access from work, at the bank, etc. is a
completely different issue and absolutely as important as electricity
at this point for most people and businesses.

It's also refreshing and good for your relationships to just not use
the ol' Interweb at home.

- Andrew

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