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Wed Aug 22 12:18:43 MDT 2007

On 8/22/07, Thad Van Ry <thad at> wrote:
> Could we all get by without electricity in our homes? You bet. Visit
> Pennsylvania to see for yourself.
> Do you, Jon, consider electricity a necessity?

Thad, if that really IS your name, let's go back to the original comment:

Electricity is not a God-given right either, but it's so critical to
> modern life that living without it isn't really an option.
> Internet access similarly crossed the line from "luxury" to
> "necessity" some time ago.

Not only does Jonathan say that the internet is AS necessary as electricity
in the home, he says that this shift happened "some time ago".  How can you
seriously put internet access and electricity in the same category --
"critical to modern life"?  I'm still waiting for someone to give me an
example of how having the internet tubes in their home is CRITICAL.  I
certainly concede the fact that things are headed this way...but again, I
argue that we could all probably get along just fine without it.

And yes, Thad, I do consider electricity a necessity in my home.  How else
would I power the light I use while thumbing through my phonebook to look up
an address when writing a letter to someone I want to communicate with.

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