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Wed Aug 22 12:02:35 MDT 2007

On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 11:50:44AM -0600, Jon Gale wrote:
> Several resources relating to my Church calling are only
> > available online.
> ONLY available online?  Are you sure there's not a free pamphlet at the
> distribution center that will give you what you need?

There is no pamphlet for the Church organizational directory.  They send
out a CD once a year, but it's literally two years out of date by the
time they send it.  There's no pamphlet for the missionary application
system or for the temple recommend system.  I could keep going.

> I'm not buying the "necessity" argument one bit.  Is it convenient?
> Absolutely.  Could we all get by without internet access in our homes?
> Probably.

As I acknowledged earlier, there are other places where I can get
Internet access, but I am absolutely dependent on access in one form or
another.  Sure, if I don't have access in my home, it's only an
inconvenience.  But it's almost as much of an inconvenience as if the
power or water goes out.  Sure, I could take sponge baths in public
restrooms if I don't have water in my apartment, but I need water so
frequently that it's a big inconvenience if I don't have service in my

Do you consider water, electricity, and natural gas to be necessities?
If not, I understand where you're coming from.  If not, I can't see why
you view Internet access in a completely different category.  I believe
that Internet access at home is more of a necessity than telephone
access at home (whether a land line or cell phone).

Andrew McNabb
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