Jon Gale donjuanica at
Wed Aug 22 11:50:44 MDT 2007

On 8/22/07, Andrew McNabb <amcnabb at> wrote:
> You're kidding, right?  My mutual fund doesn't send me paper statements
> anymore--the $20 per year fee is waived if you get electronic
> statements.

Pay the $20 and get your statements in the mail.  I guarantee your home
internet access costs more than the $20 you'd be saving by having your
statements delivered electronically.

My bank doesn't even have a branch in Utah.

Phone + snail mail + wire transfers.  Next.

 My paycheck is
> put into my bank account by direct deposit, and the paystub is only
> available online.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. Ask your employer for a paper check stub and
I guarantee they'll give you one.

My employment requires me to be online.

And I bet they provide computers and internet access for you.

Many of my
> classes have online resources, and I need Internet access to do any of
> my projects.


Several resources relating to my Church calling are only
> available online.

ONLY available online?  Are you sure there's not a free pamphlet at the
distribution center that will give you what you need?

I'm not buying the "necessity" argument one bit.  Is it convenient?
Absolutely.  Could we all get by without internet access in our homes?

What's this?  Another BLOG?

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