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Wed Aug 22 11:26:28 MDT 2007

Jon Gale wrote:
> On 8/22/07, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at> wrote:
>> Internet access similarly crossed the line from "luxury" to
>> "necessity" some time ago.
> Give me a break!
> Guess what, the US Postal Service still delivers mail the old fashioned
> way.  Banks have live (gasp!) humans working in brick and mortar buildings
> available to help you transact financial business.  Your phone book has the
> names and numbers of any person or business you need to reach locally.  You
> can buy porn in downtown Salt Lake (or you can drive to Evanston if you need
> the hard stuff) and you can actually shop (in person) at a local retailer!
> Internet access is a necessity?  Hardly.

There are also still hand tools in use.

Electricity was not a necessity for all in an equal time frame. For some 
it was about 2-3 decades before they became dependent upon it.

I think the key word is *similarly* ... as it's not a luxury item any 
more but the common folk have access to it.

Mister Ed

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