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Wed Aug 22 10:07:52 MDT 2007

On 21 Aug 2007, at 10:02, Clint Savage wrote:

> If Comcast can block one particular protocol from being sent across
> their wires, what's to stop them (or another major/minor ISP) from
> doing it to other protocols/traffic.  Since when is it illegal to use
> bittorrent?  Since when does an ISP have the right to say what types
> of traffic I can send?  Since when should I bow down to them and take
> it?

Correct me if I am wrong, please.  Let me be the devil's advocate for  
a moment here.

Since when is having a connection to the Internet a God given right?   
You have no right to connect to the Internet.  You did not build it.   
It is not yours.  Where do you get off thinking you have any right to  
anything that you did not pay for and that was not promised to you in  
whatever service agreement you made with whatever business you hired?

ComCast is a company.  Your connection is their property and they can  
do whatever they want with it.  And unless you get up in their face  
directly or have hold enough shares of their stock to make an  
executive decision then you have no recourse and you have no right to  
recourse, other than through the proper channels of their customer  
service or corporate contact information.

What is all this talk of legality?  What laws are there that say  
anything about how your Internet connection should be provisioned and  
controlled?  God help us if we start putting laws on our Internet  
connections.  The more laws we have the less freedom we have.  Having  
too many laws takes away freedom of choice and the "right" we have to  
work things out like the civilized beings we are supposed to be.

Quit whining and find a solution.  Create your own ISP.  Lose the  
attitude of entitlement.  You are not entitled to anything.  Grow up  
and start thinking like adults used to think.  (In general, I find  
"grown-ups" these days act more like five-year-olds, myself included.)

Wow, that came out sounding a bit more harsh than I thought it  
would.  I must be having a good day.  =)  Take it or leave it.

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