[OT] Hit and Run

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Wed Aug 22 09:40:22 MDT 2007

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Well the weekend finally ended and I went down to the police station to
> pick up the report.  The report basically said vehicle 1 hit vehicle 2
> from behind.  There was no mention of a hit and run (I believe a $300
> ticket), no mention of her using prescription drugs, and a big blaring
> "no insurance" written where my sanity should have been.  If the follow
> up found there was no insurance, why on earth was a no insurance
> citation not written.  Having dealt with a no insurance citation in my
> youth, a no insurance citation is like a $280 ticket, plus a mandatory
> court appearance, and mandatory SR-22 insurance (which is FREAKY
> expensive).  I assume you can possibly tell I am livid by this outcome.

Just a follow up...

The reporting officer called me back this morning and we chatted about
my concerns.  He was very pleasant and understanding.

The officer said that the "hit and run" is reported in the Police's
internal database, but does not show up on the "DI 9" report because
that report is mostly for statistical reasons.  He also said that he
would file the "hit and run" citation at my request.

As far as the lack of no insurance citation, he let me know that the
report does show that her insurance was unknown, but since the vehicle
was just purchased and the owners have 30 days to obtain insurance, he
has no way of proving that she didn't have insurance.  But by the fact
that it was reported on the report, she has 10 days to prove to the
state that she has insurance, or she will get a suspended license, and
be required to get the SR-22 insurance.  I felt much better knowing that
the state would be still perusing her lack of insurance.

Honestly, I surely hope that she does end up having insurance, as that
will make life much easier than having to take her to court to recoup
the costs!


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