Hit and Run

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Aug 22 09:28:00 MDT 2007

Kenneth Burgener [22/08/07 07:55 -0600]:
> Joseph Hall wrote:
> > I don't get it. Why should talking on a cell phone be any different
> > from holding a drink in one hand and talking to somebody in the

> glimpses of the movie the kids are watching, and I would include road
> rage in this list as well, ALL of these things I have witnessed drivers
> on the road doing.

I love watching, until it gets too disgusting, people in cars. I see them at
a stop light, fishing around for lost treasure. Sometimes they dig in the
dash assembly, sometimes the car seat, and sometimes in orifices such as
ears or nose. What gets me is how they think that no one else can see them,
no one else aware. Once that door closes they are in their own little vault,
own world. 

I invite others to post crazy things drivers or passengers do. Another idea
is collecting accounts of dumb things people do at a 'drive-up' situations.
My favorite is the old lady who pulls up to the drive up mail box drop. She
gets just far enough away that she can't reach it, then opens the door,
bangs up the paint, getting out to drop the letter in the box. I can excuse
such behavior in those with depth perception issues, but for an able bodied
gentleman, young even, to pull the drive-up-get-out-bang-up-the-paint
routine, it's ultimate embarrassment. 

They should make the laws punish those convicted of driving while talking
(dwt) as severe as for drunk or other driving distraction. 



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