[OT] Hit and Run

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Wed Aug 22 07:55:53 MDT 2007

Joseph Hall wrote:
> I don't get it. Why should talking on a cell phone be any different
> from holding a drink in one hand and talking to somebody in the
> passenger seat while driving? People do that all the time, and I have
> yet to hear somebody complain about it. Or if you're using a
> hands-free set, how should that be any different from driving with
> both hands and talking to the person in the passenger seat, or the
> back seat?
> It doesn't make sense to me. It shouldn't be any different. Of course,
> driving and texting (DWT) at the same time, that would be dangerous.

I know when I am talking on a cell phone I am more distracted then if I
were not.  I think it would be very hard to dispute that.

When talking to and adult passenger or an adult in the back seat, I
think you are generally safe with this.  Notice I said "adult".  I will
have to agree with you in that I have had arguments with kids in the
back seat, or babies screaming that I would qualify as more distracting
than talking on the cell phone though.

If I remember right, the drivers handbook states that any thing that
distracts you from focusing on driving should be avoided.  I assume this
includes cell phones, texting, listing to too loud of music, putting on
makeup, changing your cloths, reading a map, drowsy driving, angry or
upset children in the backseat (I usually have a lovely passenger with
me who deals with the children, namely my wife :-)  but this one can't
always be avoided), eating a taco or hamburger, looking down to fiddle
with the radio, leaning your seat slightly back so you can catch
glimpses of the movie the kids are watching, and I would include road
rage in this list as well, ALL of these things I have witnessed drivers
on the road doing.

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