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Mister E Mister.Ed at AgoraCart.com
Tue Aug 21 22:02:05 MDT 2007

Jacob Albretsen wrote:
> On Tuesday 21 August 2007, Scott Barlow wrote:
>> On 8/21/07, Kenneth Burgener <kenneth at mail1.ttak.org> wrote:
>>> Are there any lawyers or police officers that can explain to me what I
>>> am missing?
>>> Suggestions?  Comments?
>> Kenneth,
>> I happen to have a neighbor that would probably be interested in hearing
>> your story:
>> http://provoinjurylaw.com/
>> *Flickinger & Sutterfield P.C.
> Maybe it's situations like these where the cops aren't doing their jobs that 
> is giving lawfirms business.  I'm not saying anything negative about this 
> particular firm, just the fact that if the cops are not doing their job and 
> legally they can be held accountable, it's a money making opportunity for 
> both the firm and the client.

I missed the original post somehow.  Just looked it up.

The law firm won't be interested... unless you were injured ... 
otherwise it's not a case that will yield sufficient income unless you 
have the funding to bankroll it.  Even then, they might want a slam dunk 
case (quick money).

You might want to take this to the media and see if they are willing to 
build a crusade around it, but don't be surprised if they shrug it off.

The "justice enough" is not uncommon, even though it was frustrating and 
not really justice for you (vehicle #2), especially when it appeared to 
be intentional with a resulting flight from the scene, based on your 

I think this comes down to evidence and building the case and they 
didn't feel like they had a lot to go off of, since they arrived at the 
scene after you had followed the vehicle and had come to a complete 
stop. At that point it becomes a he said she said ordeal, which is not 
much to go off in such a situation.  Had they taken her in pursuit, 
and/or there were witnesses, that might have been a different legal outcome.

So take what legal remedies you can (sue for damages or get repairs paid 
fer, etc).  Talk to the local media and see if it appeals to them to 
help your situation.  Then be thankful you walked away, and with a cool 
story to tell yer grandkids later.

Mister Ed

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