Thad Van Ry thad at
Tue Aug 21 16:31:52 MDT 2007

On 8/21/07, Steven Alligood <steve at> wrote:
> They allow you to download and upload all you can with the bandwidth
> caps they have in place (and advertise) which is unlimited usage.

Actually they really aren't "unlimited" see:
That blog was started because they cut off service to a customer who
was using "excessive bandwidth." Bill Gephardt even did a piece about

> Also, just because they don't specifically spell out every aspect of
> their service in the ToS doesn't mean they are wrong.  How many of us
> have gotten a ticket for something that wasn't specifically in the Utah
> Drivers manual, or on that written test?  It doesn't mean they can't

No, their ToS could be considered a legal document by a court of law.
IANAL. This would be like getting a ticket for something that is not
in the Utah State Code or City Ordinances. The Utah State Code and
City Ordinances are what govern traffic rules. The Utah Driver's
manual is similar to the brief summary that you get from Comcast that
says you agree to abide by the ToS.

> Just because they don't specify something, doesn't make it right or
> wrong.  Again, back to business decisions.  Vote with your wallet, if
> you feel strongly about it.  If you are one of the ones they are loosing
> money on, then you both get what you want.

I am not one that "they are loosing(sic) money on" and I would love to
switch to something else. Unfortunately, for me, they are the only
"High Speed" internet alternative. I can't get DSL where I live and
wireless is only slightly faster than dial-up.


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