Gary Thornock gthornock at
Tue Aug 21 15:55:52 MDT 2007

--- Steven Alligood <steve at> wrote:
> The issue here isn't what services should or should not be
> open, but what makes the company providing the service money,
> and what loses them money.

Then let your customers know up front what they are and aren't
allowed to do on your network.  If there's a usage limit (and
with Comcast, there definitely *is* a usage limit), publish it
clearly in the terms of service.  Don't bring on customers, tell
them it's "unlimited" and then kick them off when they exceed
limits that neither they nor even your customer service staff are
allowed to know about, and don't bring on customers under the
guise of an "unlimited" connection and then go behind their backs
to throttle their usage and hope they don't notice.

I suppose Comcast would argue that a bit of basic honesty would
lose them money, too, though.

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