[OT] Hit and Run

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Tue Aug 21 15:30:43 MDT 2007

Steve wrote:
> Feel lucky that you yourself were not cited, to be perfectly frank.
> Yes you were on the phone with dispatch, but on the whole never try to
> stop a hit and run driver.  Thats breaking a lot of laws. I know I
> very nearly evaded a citation myself last summer when a guy in a SUV
> hopped a curb, ran over a bicyclist and then took off.  I was right
> behind him, so I swung my  vehicle out blockade style in front of him
> and offered him a nice T-Bone to add to his hit and run (I've got good
> insurance and needed a new car anyways).  He stopped before he T-Boned
> with my much larger truck.  But the cop threatened to cite me!

I could have been cited for following the driver who hit me?  That would
seem as ridiculous as suing McDonalds for burning yourself with hot
coffee, or suing a hope owner because you fell through their skylight
when trying to rob them!  I know the rules... the victim is guilty
because he/she let themselves be a victim.  :-(

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