[OT] Hit and Run

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at mail1.ttak.org
Tue Aug 21 13:48:30 MDT 2007

This is very much off topic, other than it happened in the Orem area,
and I just wanted to vent and hopefully get suggestions from my fellow

Last Friday at around 7pm I was driving home north on 1200 West in
Orem.  I stopped at the 800 North stop light with one car in front of
me.  A silver Jimmy heading North thought it would be cool to see if she
could merge the mass of her vehicle with the mass of my vehicle (I
assume to perform some sort of physics experiment).  Well things did not
quite go to plan, and her Jimmy merely bent and crumbled in the mass of
my vehicle, and no merging happened.  I could see that she was
disappointed by this failed experiment as she finally disconnected her
cell phone conversation, to whom I assume must have been her physics lab

The 800 North light finally turned green and I slowly proceeded through
the stop light, and then pulled off to the side of the road to wait her
arrival so we could do the ritual exchange of Insurance information. 
Then to my horror she decided, at that moment, that instead of
performing the traditional exchange of information, that she, I assume,
decided to go and find another victim to perform her physics experiment
on, and she took and immediate right speed off full speed up 800 North.

Well not wanting to be outdone by her experiment I decided to perform
one of my own.  I called 911 and frantically said, "I have been involved
in a hit and run and I am following her, what should I do?  Should I
continue to follow her?"  The dispatch told me I could follow her if I
wanted to, so I did the obvious thing, and took off following her.  At
this point I was really kicking me for not taking note of her license plate.

She saw that I was indeed following her and thought it would be a cool
idea to see if she could win this cat and mouse game, so she took the
first right and headed south down the residential back roads on 900
West.  She then took the second left down 675 North hoping once again to
loose me.  I just happened to catch a glimpse of her heading down this
road, and so when I finally arrived at this road, I also took a left. 
There was no sign of her.

Well fortunately for me I decided to continue down this road, and to my
surprise this road looped back around and dumped me back on 900 West. 
Heading South down 900 West, and a block or two away, was the silver
Jimmy I was following.  Hooray!  I was still on the phone with the
dispatch, and she asked me which direction the vehicle was traveling,
and I told her "South", which she responded that officers were on their
way.  So I followed here down the road, but she was gaining distance on
me, and then at the end of 900 West there was a forced left turn.  She
followed the curve and she was gone from my sight again.  Despair began
to set in again.

When I arrived at the curve I looked down the road and there was no sign
of any vehicle driving away, but suspiciously to the side of the road,
immediately in front of the stop sight, with all of its lights turned
off, was a silver Jimmy that looked very much like the one I had been
following.  As I slowly drove past I could see the smashed up front of
her vehicle.  The mouse had been found.  I pulled in front of her, and
gave the dispatch the final address.  To my surprise, as I looked at her
vehicle, there was no license plate numbers to have recorded anyway, as
there were only dealer advertisements where the license plates should
have been.

A few minutes latter an unmarked police car showed up, then another
police car, and finally a third police car.  Anyone driving by this
circus could not for a second have thought something big was going down

One of the officers collected my information insurance information, and
asked if I was okay.  That was the extent of any conversation I had the
remaining time I was at the scene.  My bumper was smashed in, and the
side panel was broken, and who know what other internal damage could
have been done.  A barrage of questions were being asked to the driver
of the failed science experiment, and the vehicle was searched.  To my
horror there was mention of her not having insurance.  Then another
comment of her being on prescription drugs, and citations and possibly
being hauled off to jail.

I was eventually told that I was excused and I headed home, being very
grateful that, as far as I can tell, wasn't personally injured, and my
vehicle was at least in a drivable state.

I truly felt sorry for her as citations for hit and run, no insurance,
and possibly driving intoxicated were no small apples.

About an hour later the reporting office called me and told that she had
not been hauled of to jail, and that he was not going to cite her.  He
said that the $50 ticket of a hit and run would not do justice.  He then
said that in his report it is obvious who had caused the problem and did
not see a need for the ticket, and that she claimed to have insurance
through some company he had never heard of.  He said that she would have
to pay for the repairs and seemed to indicate that this was justice
enough.  I was too in shock to even respond to this and was really
irritated with myself for not saying anything.  I rationalized that at
least her insurance would cover the damages and I should be at least
content with that.

Well the weekend finally ended and I went down to the police station to
pick up the report.  The report basically said vehicle 1 hit vehicle 2
from behind.  There was no mention of a hit and run (I believe a $300
ticket), no mention of her using prescription drugs, and a big blaring
"no insurance" written where my sanity should have been.  If the follow
up found there was no insurance, why on earth was a no insurance
citation not written.  Having dealt with a no insurance citation in my
youth, a no insurance citation is like a $280 ticket, plus a mandatory
court appearance, and mandatory SR-22 insurance (which is FREAKY
expensive).  I assume you can possibly tell I am livid by this outcome.

I was thinking, if the roles were reversed, I am fairly certain that I
would have spend the night in jail, and probably would have accrued all
3 citations.  How on Earth did she get off Scott free?

Are there any lawyers or police officers that can explain to me what I
am missing?

Suggestions?  Comments?

Thanks for listening,

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