Clint Savage herlo1 at
Tue Aug 21 11:59:16 MDT 2007

> I agree with you Clint. They have ever right to throttle your
> connection, generally-speaking. But it's a concerning precedent when your
> ISP decides they determine what services you can and can not connect to.
> Let's say they want you to use Comcast digital phone service. Maybe they
> start blocking VOIP traffic. Seems like a natural move and not at all
> unlike Comcast to do.
> -=Fozz

Fozz, THANK YOU!  So clear, so concise.

W00t!  finally!  Somebody sees what I've been trying to point out all
along.  Where does it end?  Where does the limiting stop?  How much
more do I have to pay to get bittorrent (or http for that matter)
traffic?  I don't want to be using those words, EVER!



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