Clint Savage herlo1 at
Tue Aug 21 11:45:21 MDT 2007

> I think this is all backwards.  A business doesn't have to do what the
> customers wants...  HOWEVER, it certainly helps their business to grow and
> expand and keep loyal customers.  How many people believe that microsoft
> should open source or do whatever and they don't.  Or feel they are unfair?
> Just because you think its unfair doesn't mean that they should change.
> Even if they are the only service they don't have to change.  It's there
> choice, whether it grows or shrinks their company.  Good/Bad business
> decisions...
> I would agree that if you don't like what they are doing, cancel your
> service and make it known why.  Boycott them if you will.
> I just don't see why they would be obligated to provide a certain amount of
> features/service just because they are the only ones.  Isn't they why we try
> to get rid of monopolies?

I completely agree with you.  Businesses don't have to change, that's
true.  My point was that if they want me as a loyal customer (rather
than a disgruntled one or one of a competitor) they should listen to
me.  Isn't that what free enterprise is all about?

Can I go and move to another provider, possibly.  But what if I can't
I have valid uses of a particular protocol?  What if they
blocked/reduced http traffic?  Why is that protocol getting
preference?  There are valid reasons for using such a protocol.
Taking it away will alienate many of the squeaky wheels in our neck of
the woods.

How do we solve this?  I don't know.  But one way I can help is to get
Comcast to realize that just because they think its a good idea
doesn't mean it is...

That is all.

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