Clint Savage herlo1 at
Tue Aug 21 10:18:44 MDT 2007

> I don't think it's as black and white as you're painting it.  They're
> looking at it as, "since when do we not have the right to say what
> types of traffic we transmit across our own network."
> Most people, I think, would agree that ISPs are not obligated to allow
> known spam across.  Where is the line?  Is there really a line at all?

And yet, they still let the spam through.  Its a mail packet.  How is
this different?  I don't mind filtering myself, but I'd like to be the
one doing it.  Let me choose.

I guess I should point out that although some of us consider the
internet a right, I consider it a privilege and I'll take my hard
earned dollars to where they can buy the right services for the
privilege I can get.

Taking my service away from comcast means that they have one less
person providing them with residual income.  Eventually, enoug people
will take their hard earned money elsewhere and they'll have to do
something.  That's what this is about!


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