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Tue Aug 21 10:07:27 MDT 2007

> If Comcast can block one particular protocol from being sent across
> their wires, what's to stop them (or another major/minor ISP) from
> doing it to other protocols/traffic.  Since when is it illegal to use
> bittorrent?  Since when does an ISP have the right to say what types
> of traffic I can send?  Since when should I bow down to them and take
> it?
> I understand they have limitations, but those limitations are
> artificial.  They limit consumer bandwidth only to let business
> bandwidth in at a higher price.  I honestly think that businesses and
> consumers should pay the same price.
> Don't change my internet.  Don't disable one protocol in favor of
> another.  I don't get how the ISP can control what kind of traffic we
> run.  To them it should *just* be a packet, nothing more, nothing
> less.  If we send too many packets, limit them all, but don't limit by
> type of packet.

While I don't agree, why can't they? They have the right to refuse  
service to anyone—just like a restaurant can if you're not wearing  
shoes. If you don't like their service, take your business elsewhere.
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