Spinning Salaries Who Remunerate Anecdotal Geeks With a Penchant for Presuming Themselves Pithy Virtual Literati

Justin Findlay justin at jfindlay.us
Sun Aug 19 22:53:07 MDT 2007

On AD 2007 August 19 Sunday 07:29:51 PM -0600, rog wrote:
> Matthew Walker wrote:
>> Not to be rude. But you use. Too many. Full stops.

We call them periods here in the US, although I think full stop sounds

> Okay.  Are you referring to my sentence fragments or the way the auto wrap 
> makes reading difficult?  Auto Wrap is set at 72 characters.  If I display 
> the email in one large box it looks OK.  I see the same problem when I use 
> the Seamonkey three pane email.   I also have it set to only send text.  
> Are the text characters too small?  I am perplexed why everyone seems to 
> hate top posting?  The way emails from the SLUG come to me.  When the reply 
> is at the bottom,  I have to keep reading the same opening message over and 
> over.  Then use the mouse to scroll to the bottom.  When top posting is 
> used.  I can read at least the first two lines of the reply.  Decide 
> whether I am interested.  I guess this post will not display correctly 
> either.  Please advise how to set this thing. 

I think he was talking about your refreshingly different method of email
narrative.  We (I) don't observe as much variety in electronic writing
style for it to be engaging or otherwise interesting.  Writing is fun.
Reading a well written piece is almost as fun.  Email is a new medium
(even though some think it dead already, and 1972 is not an origin in
antiquity compared to the age of the novel) and it is fun to explore all
of its artistically or literarily communicative possibilities.


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