Salary Spin

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Thu Aug 16 17:01:52 MDT 2007

On 8/16/07, Hill, Greg <grhill at> wrote:
> This is why everyone's salary should be known to everyone else, and if
> they feel they deserve to make more, they need to prove their worth.

I'm not disagreeing with you -- but getting HR to do this will happen
after M$ open sources Windows and Office.

And, salary isn't the all-encompassing number to share, either.  There
are myriad Key Performance Indicators that somehow need to be boiled
down to result in a salary (which is nothing more than an amount of
money you're willing to accept in exchange for your time and energy).

Sales forces often always share salary--or at least commissions...
because, in their role, it _is_ all about the money.  No wonder
salespeople are pushy and arrogant and hard to work with (recruiters??
 some of us are like that).

For a whole company of people though, some in marketing, others in net
ops, others in finance, tossing a flat dollar amount on the intranet
may work backwards without the rest of the datapoints required to help
define that value.  Who can quantify the value of 1,000 stored
procedures in a database, versus the 500 lines of code to manage the
nightly build process versus the script you just wrote to automate the
server replication process in your datacenter, versus the marketing
brochure that brought in 1,000 new customers versus the controller
who's making sure all the money and accounting is straight so all the
bills can get paid.  Which is more valuable?

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