Salary Spin

Kyle Waters unum at
Thu Aug 16 16:38:29 MDT 2007

Bryan Sant wrote:
> Through my career I've found the following things to be true:
> 1) Salary caps for a given job are a figment of one's imagination.
> If you have mad skills and you are genuinely valuable to an
> organization, you can always negotiate a higher salary.  Your employer
    I took a lower paying job when I graduated college(school and I 
don't do well), but I found this to be true.  I negotiated a much higher 
pay with in a year and half because I provided that much value to the 
company(at one point I gave my two weeks). 
    Now I may have gone to work for another company at a higher initial 
pay that was less willing to negotiate, and would have been worse off.
    So I agree you might be better off going to work for a company at a 
lower pay if that company is willing to raise your pay higher quicker, 
but it's hard to know that unless you know someone who is already 
there.  I just got lucky.



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