Salary Spin

Steven Alligood steve at
Thu Aug 16 16:07:57 MDT 2007

Hill, Greg wrote:
> This is why everyone's salary should be known to everyone else, and if
> they feel they deserve to make more, they need to prove their worth.
> Good luck convincing HR of that, but if I had a company, we'd have
> everyone's salary on the intranet.  I realize that the mediocre
> employees would see this badly, but they'd leave and hopefully be
> replaced by people worth paying the higher salary.
> Greg

You miss the point that HR doesn't care if you are paid what you are 
worth.  They get paid to get the best talent possible for the least 
pay.  If they can find a senior admin that they can pay less than the 
juniors, they will do it.  Published salary information is a very bad 
idea for the HR model.

It is also a bad idea for a general workforce.  If one guy makes a lot 
less and is happy with it, why put him on a comparison chart to show 
that he makes less than everyone else?  He will either figure it out, or 
doesn't need to know.
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