Salary Spin

Hill, Greg grhill at
Thu Aug 16 15:57:15 MDT 2007

> People that don't get raises leave companies.  It is a morale issue.
> If you are at 95% penetration in your pay range, and you get a 1%
> because of it, and your coworker (same position) is at 60% in the same
> range and gets a 5% raise, mathematically you are still doing better
> than he is (long term, more money in each check, etc).
> BUT.
> You don't know what he makes.  Now he starts blabing that he got a
> of such-and-such, and you got half that, and you know you are three
> times the employee that he is.  You now feel under appreciated,
> undervalued, and annoyed.  You start looking.

This is why everyone's salary should be known to everyone else, and if
they feel they deserve to make more, they need to prove their worth.
Good luck convincing HR of that, but if I had a company, we'd have
everyone's salary on the intranet.  I realize that the mediocre
employees would see this badly, but they'd leave and hopefully be
replaced by people worth paying the higher salary.


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