Salary Spin

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Thu Aug 16 15:56:20 MDT 2007

Not long ago, Steven Alligood proclaimed...
> People that don't get raises leave companies.  It is a morale issue.

It isn't as black and white as that, especially with geeks. The fact is, if
someone is complaining about their pay, they may likely complain about 
many other things down the road. Maybe it's just in their nature to

I will work for a lot less than is "competitive" if the job provides a good
challenge and a fun atmosphere. At that point, my wife complains about the
pay, not me. At the same time, someone could pay me $200,000/year and I
could be miserable because I have a manager that isn't my advocate or it's
stupid work that isn't rewarding in itself.

My point: it really depends. Pay isn't the only thing a company offers to
its employees. 

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