Salary Spin

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Thu Aug 16 15:18:23 MDT 2007

On 8/16/07, Andrew Jorgensen <andrew.jorgensen at> wrote:
> Assuming one is qualified for one's position, how can a potential
> raise be a better thing than being paid that much in the first place?
> I get that it feels good to get a big raise, but mathematically it
> doesn't make sense.  Is there some subtle truth here I'm not seeing?

Obviously it doesn't make sense to argue that being paid P * $X is
better than $X where P < 1 for the same job.

So, assuming they were not being duplicitous, perhaps they were just
explaining that being paid $X for job A is better than being paid $X
for job B if the salary range for A is better.


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