Salary Spin

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Thu Aug 16 14:57:52 MDT 2007

On Thursday 16 August 2007, Hill, Greg wrote:
> I guess the idea is that once you're at the ceiling, you'll keep getting
> the same salary for a long time and feel stagnant.  I'd rather be
> stagnant at a good salary than continually getting raises to be almost
> where I should be.  Plus, if you're underpaid, there's a better chance
> that a competitor will whisk you away because they can afford to give
> you a big raise.  In that regard, I would think that it benefits both
> the employee and employer to pay people what they're worth.

Not to mention that working where you know you're underpaid can be very 
demotivating--thus hurting productivity and moral, which can be contagious.

Happy/satisfied employees work better.

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