Hiring Sr. Sysadmin

Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Thu Aug 16 13:24:30 MDT 2007

I would argue that if an admin has the mindset and learning ability that 
is required of a senior admin, then 5 yrs is definitely enough time to 
become senior level.  If it takes you much longer than that to learn how 
to learn and where to find the answers then they may never become senior.

And we all know that only half of being a senior is the experience, the 
rest is knowing how to find the answers and being the "go-to" guy.

Don't get me wrong.  The experience needs to be there.  But even the 
greatest admin in the world is only mediocre until he learns his 
particular setup and systems.  And knowing how to find the answers sets 
him apart from the general sys admin crowd.

And the 50th percentile is where it is because of the wanting a wizard, 
paying for a novice, and getting a user.

And the art of giving titles as part of compensation.  I know a mid 
level guy that calls himself CTO because he is the only guy in his 
company that knows how to turn on a computer.


Robert Merrill wrote:
> Not knowing the true nature of the company, the kind of sysadmin staff
> they have, etc, I selected sys admin purposefully, as 5yrs experience
> is generically considered "Mid Level".
> <snip>
> ... but then again, it wouldn't be
> called "50th percentile", if it wasn't the most-common salary range
> for that job and those tasks, now would it?
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