Hiring Sr. Sysadmin

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 11:00:02 MDT 2007

On 8/16/07, Steven Alligood <steve at bluehost.com> wrote:
> 1) This is a salary chart for sys admin, not senior sys admin.

Not knowing the true nature of the company, the kind of sysadmin staff
they have, etc, I selected sys admin purposefully, as 5yrs experience
is generically considered "Mid Level".
> 2) Quite frankly, if you are only paying the 50th percentile for your
> sys admin, senior admin, etc, then they are either intentionally under
> qualified for your position and you hope they will grow into it, or you
> are deluding yourself that a great admin will work for you at 50th
> percentile pay, and you then end up with the guy that is under qualified
> and you just don't know it.
> -Steve

True, and I completely agree that paying "average" is not how you find
superstars.  And, while five yrs proven, hard-hitting sysadmin
experience (plus the intangibles I mentioned, as well) should qualify
you for the higher percentages... but then again, it wouldn't be
called "50th percentile", if it wasn't the most-common salary range
for that job and those tasks, now would it??

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