Utah Open Source Conference 2007: An Update

Steven Alligood steve at bluehost.com
Tue Aug 14 14:57:29 MDT 2007

Is the prize on this event transferable?

Several of my junior guys could use the course, but it looks like anyone 
that could win the challenge wouldn't actually need the training.


Clint Savage wrote:
> Guru Labs Troubleshooting Challenge
> Test your troubleshooting skills at the Guru Labs Troubleshooting
> Challenge.  A sample of some of the more common troubleshooting
> problems found in the world will test your brain and skills.
> These are tried and true troubleshooting problems that many a sysadmin
> have overcome.  All of the troubleshooting problems are provided from
> the GL314 course at Guru Labs.
> There will be two contests, one on Friday night and one on Saturday
> night, winner of each contest will receive free admission GL275 course
> at Guru Labs Training.  Prizes will be available for runners-up as
> well.
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