Linux module priorities?

Andrew Jorgensen andrew.jorgensen at
Thu Aug 9 21:21:57 MDT 2007

Does anyone know how Linux (modprobe, udev, whoever else might be in
control of this) currently chooses which module gets bound to a device
when more than one module claims to support it?  It looks to me like
it just loads all the modules that claim it and the one that gets
loaded first (or the one that binds first?) gets the device.

If that's true it causes all sorts of problems, like the USB HID
driver grabbing a more specific device (like my nifty USB phone's
keypad) and the mess that is the four prism-related wireless drivers
(wvlan, prism2, orinoco, and hostap).

Is there any way to control it, other than blacklisting, recompiling,
or forcing a particular module into memory before another?

Thanks in advance!
- Confused and worried that Linux is rather stupid in this area

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